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Grammy nominee Singer-songwriter, musician, composer and producer. Born in Mexico City,

he began his artistic training at age 4, (INBA, Dick Grove, Enrique Nery, Carlos Cea. .He debuted as an arranger at the OTI festival and was nominated as the best arrangement at fourteen years of age.


As a singer-songwriter he has record 5 albums.

Throughout his career he has musicalize short films, radio and television , among those are soap operas and Tv Shows. He won the award in Mexico for "the best regional song" and the Grammy Nomination for the song "José Pérez León" that Los Tigres del Norte played.

He produce and compose "Mexico Cuenta Conmigo" in which more than 40 of the best athletes and boxers performed including "El Canelo Alvarez", Julio Cesar Chavez and the soccer player Hugo Sanchez.

He has written and produce several anthems including, the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI), the Federal Police, the Intelligence Police from Mexico City, VI World Encounter of Families.

He is the general director and founding partner of "Cantoral Instituto". Institution dedicated to artistic initiation, through motivation, developing the EmocionARTE system, whose primary objective is to bring children to the arts intuitively and away from cybernetic autism.

His song "Media Vida" dedicated to his father achieved 2 million views on Facebook in just 3 days.

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